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Life is a journey filled with memories and moments. We are here to make the moments memorable and make the memories last. We want to give people the chance to share and experience these moments in different environments and with different people.


The Next app is the future of digital marketing within the entertainment industry. It provides a simple and convenient platform to showcase and view different events around you. It provides personalization with its user, based on location and preferences.

The Next app aims to bring together two of its primary users (the event goer and the event host) under one platform which aims at growing entertainment services through feedback and reviews. It is the gateway to expanding digital marketing possibilities within the entertainment industry.

The Next app is also the future of service integration with its potential collaboration flexibility within the app itself. This allows the app to link to other similar/different service providers with similar platforms therefore, encouraging collaboration.


The aim of the Nex_ mobile app is to promote growth and support the development of digital marketing within the entertainment industry across South Africa and Africa as a whole.


Our vision is to become one of the leading entertainment digital marketing platforms in Africa, with the purpose of exploring and creating new possibilities for all our end users.


Event Host

This is an individual or entity that is looking for new avenues and platforms to spread awareness about their brand. They require a platform that will reach their target audience, as well as a platform that brings them closer to the needs of their end users.


Event Goer

This is an individual who is looking for the next exciting thing. This individual wants the chance to share the moment with others and create lasting memories. This individual also wants the chance to express themselves.

Current App Features

Event Creation

Gives users a simple to use interface where users can create, edit and manage their own events.

Panic Button

Once a user has been registered on the mobile app, they have the ability of adding emergency contacts to their profile list.

Location Based Events

The app utilizes your location in order to personalize events shown to the user based on their current location.

Event Planner

The app provides users the ability to RSVP for events that interest them.

Advertisement Space

The advertising space provides a platform for brands to reach and engage with their target audiences or provides a space to reach out to a new target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nex_?

Nex_ is a digital marketing platform for events. It is a platform that allows event hosts to upload and advertise their event(s). It is also a platform that allows users to view events happening around them based on their current location.

What about security concerns?

The Nex_ mobile app provides a panic button feature which allows users to add emergency contacts to their profile. These emergency contacts will be notified in the form of an SMS when a user initiates the panic button. The SMS will also contain the user's live location that can be used to track and navigate to the user.

Can I purchase tickets to events?

Currently the Nex_ mobile app does not accommodate the selling of tickets but future versions of the app will allow premium account users to sell their event tickets.

Can I advertise on the mobile app?

That Nex_ mobile app does provide paid advertisement space. To advertise your goods and services please contact us at

How many events can I post?

Currently there is no limit to the number of events a user can load and advertise. However once premium accounts have been introduced on the mobile app, the number of event posts will be capped and only premium account users will have unlimited event posts.

Can I save events that I like?

The Nex_ mobile app gives users the ability to add events they are interested in to their personal line up.

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